How many Sarah Palins can you fit in a Samurai? In honor of the vice presidential debates last night, the members of an all-girls secret society were seen dressed as Sarah-Palin-look-alikes from head to toe while heading to the popular Japanese restaurant. But would Palin approve of sake bombing?

The Royal Masquerade Gala, hosted by Yale’s own YCouture, will take place tonight in Ezra Stiles College. The event’s tagline: “Be amongst Yale’s most glamorous.” Doors open at 10 p.m., but the elegance starts when you accept the invitation.

Saving the world never tasted as good as last night’s s’mores at the ‘S’mores for Darfur’ event hosted by STAND — Students Taking Action Now: Darfur. All proceeds from the event went to the Genocide Intervention Network’s Civilian Protection Program.

Watered-down beer was poured on rowdy Branfordians who raced through JE screaming obscenities as part of Branford Freshman Initiation Wednesday night. Fortunately, by the night’s end, the Branford frosh and JE hecklers were able to come to an agreement: JE Sux.

“The Creation of the World and Other Business” kicked off its three-day run at the Yale Repertory Theatre yesterday. After the show, an audience member called Joshua Silverstein’s ’10 performance as God “blasphemously good.”

Get enlightened this Saturday at J.E.’s annual barbeque, “The Great Awakening,” which will feature shish kabobs, speciality salads and treats. Live music, provided by Great Caeser and the Gogetters, will start playing at 5:15 p.m. The shish kabobs, though, are just for JE.

For the fire inspector William Cross, it was “just a drill,” but for a redhead in her bathrobe, it was clearly more than that. Thursday’s fire alarm in Berkeley’s South Court interrupted lunches, showers, and naps. Students were asked to wait in the courtyard for 20 minutes before reentering the college and resuming their activities.

Commemorate forbidden books of the past at Saturday’s celebration of the lifting of past censorships. The Crotonia-sponsored event, which begins at 8 p.m. in Saybrook’s Athenaeum Room, may be the only time “Mein Kampf” and Anne Frank’s diary will be celebrated in the same book party.


1969 With the beginning of coeducation, the University appointed a new gynecology team “to help students face the tremendous sexual pressures of the college environment.” Red flags were raised when statistics showed that on average, 6 percent of female college students became pregnant in a given semester.

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