The ‘Stache’s’ new groove. Peter Salovey is officially the former dean of Yale College. Today, Oct. 1, he assumes the provostship, which means he is now the chief educational and administrative officer after President Levin.

Polygamy was beloved by many at the Independent Party debate last night. The resolution — legalize polygamy — passed to the dismay of the IP’s chairman, Geoff Shaw ’10. “We reached the wrong conclusion,” he said afterwards, “but it was still a productive debate.” Even reproductive, some might say.

Pomo D-Lite. A month after opening its doors, the ice-cream shop that replaced Tasti D-Lite on High Street is still unnamed. A one-time patron of the store, Stephanie Albert ’12, said she hopes the store will remain anonymous. “A name would totally clash with the weird postmodernist thing they’ve clearly worked so hard to establish,” she said.

The scoop of September. Two Yale graduates working for The New York Times — Mike Barbaro ’02 and David Chen ’88 — won the New York City media war yesterday by breaking the story politicos have been speculating about for months: that Mike Bloomberg will after all seek a third term as mayor despite the city’s two-term limit.

Paul Newman DRA ’54 refused to back down from attending the Yale School of Drama even when his older brother told him the school “might not be the best place to spend his money,” according to a new interview with Arthur Newman Jr. “Arthur,” he said, “I don’t care if I have to live out of an orange crate. I’m gonna learn my craft.”

Davenport students posted a sign in the dining hall yesterday that read, “We love you, Davenport Dining Hall staff. You’re the best!” in response to a story in the News Tuesday reporting that Food Service Inspections gave that college’s dining hall the lowest score out of all Yale’s eating facilities. “Well, I’ve never seen a cleaner chandelier,” said frequent DPort diner Kevin Adkisson ’12.

Hopeful, bright-eyed brothers of DKE marched across Cross Campus around 11 p.m. yesterday dressed in bike shorts and capes.

Rosh Hashanah services left many lectures and seminars with empty seats yesterday. “I’m not Jewish, but I’m in solidarity with [my] Jewish friends in not going to my Psych lecture,” said one student.


1953 A double bass belonging to the Yale University Orchestra went missing. Officials pleaded for the safe and timely return of the $300 instrument — that’s $2,301 adusted for inflation — especially given that a concert approached next week.

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