Forget the college with the highest GPA. Can you guess which one has featured “insect/rodents” in its dining halls recently?

That would be the large college at Wall and Temple. Congratulations, TDers!

But Timothy Dwight is not alone when it comes to sometimes-suspect sanitation. According to inspection reports obtained by the News, 14 dining halls lost literal brownie points this past year for dirty surfaces. Another 13 were marked off for storing food containers on the floor. And on average, Yale’s dining halls scored approximately the same as New Haven’s restaurants.

These are, in all fairness, minor infractions. And under the new dining-services leadership, meals over the past few months have taken a turn for the scrumptious. So when students interviewed say they would still dine in their residential colleges, we don’t blame them.

This is exactly why YUDS must address sanitation shortcomings immediately. Otherwise, the University is, in effect, taking advantage of its psuedo-monopoly over food.

And for the price we pay, we’d rather not find anything lurking in our chicken breast — it is, after all, already “random” enough.