Liberal education should be “liberating,” not politically liberal — or conservative — according to Yale Law professor Anthony Kronman, the former dean of the school. Responding in a letter to the New York Times to recent reports that some conservative groups are pushing for great-books programs at universities, he wrote, “The point of reading these books is not to convey any particular orthodoxy, but to help students acquire the independence of judgment that personal maturity and political responsibility require.”

Two 30-odd pound pigs made Old Campus home Friday afternoon as part of fraternity rush led by people wearing DKE T-Shirts. Problems ensued when a shortage of Vaseline at Durfee’s stalled proper porcine lubrication. Police broke up the event before rushees could start chasing the pigs.

Window Dressing. The newly renovated Paul Rudolph Art and Architecture building has been decked out in posters supporting Sen. Barack Obama. No word on what this will mean for to the University’s 501(c)3 status.

It’s easy being green. While a majority of students at Calhoun College’s famed Trolley night arrived in Commons in their finest greens, Associate Master Aisling Colón celebrated her “taken” status by wearing red.

Congress is poised to approve a massive Wall Street bailout bill today. Too late for former AIG CEO, and principal owner, Maurice “Hank” Greenberg. The multi-million dollar Yale donor, whose $25 million grant helped found the Maurice R. Greenberg Yale-China Initiative, saw his fortune decrease by over $5 billion this year.

Also in need of a bailout. The Silliman College basement flooded over the weekend. Affected areas include the Game Room, Buttery, Dance Studio and Silliflicks.

The Yale Drop Team won a ride on NASA’s famed Vomit Comet this summer to study “Void Deformation in a Complex Plasma in Sub- and Super-Terrestrial Gravity.” Awesome.

On her way. Leslie Hewitt ART ’04, whose art explores the interaction of personal memory and history, was one of six people profiled in New York Magazine’s “Who’s Who, 2048” special, looking at those the magazine believes will be most influential in 40 years. “Hewitt has had as good a year as a young New York artist could ask for,” the article reports.


1953 The New Haven Police Department was called to rescue Robert F. Bergal LAW ’54 after he got stuck in a tree trying to rescue a cat. According to a reporter on the scene, the cat did not appear perturbed.

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