QYou just won your second Ivy League Player of the Week award. How does that feel?

AI was definitely honored by the award, but I think I was more excited for the wins we had leading up to that award. Coming off a great weekend in California, it was more exciting to see how successful our team has been in the past five games than the individual award.

QWhat happened in the Sacred Heart game that led to the three goals?

ATo be honest, everyone’s been congratulating me on it, but I consider myself pretty lucky. My teammates did a lot of work to get me in front of the goal, and I just had to pass the ball into the goal. Luck definitely played a part and my teammates did the hard work; I was in the right place at the right time.

QDo you think the pre-season gave you a good taste of the types of teams you’ll be facing in conference play?

AI think [head coach] Rudy [Meredith] does a great job setting up our schedule. Our policy is to play the hardest teams to prepare for Ivies. UConn is a great way to start the season, even though it was one of the most heartbreaking losses I’ve ever been a part of. We’ve had overtime games setting us up to go into the Ivy season prepared to face any type of defense and any type of offense.

QAfter a second-place finish last year, what do you think the team will have to do differently this year to grab the championship?

AOur goal is to win every game. I think the most important component is that the defense continues to be strong; they played best against Santa Clara. It’s also important that our offense continue to build and capitalize on every opportunity we get in front of the net.

QYou and the three other seniors won the Ivies in your freshman year; how would it feel to bookend your career by winning this year?

AIt would’ve been great to win ’em in between, but there’s nothing sweeter than going out with an Ivy championship. I think [the seniors] take it upon ourselves to be leaders on and off the field to make everyone realize how important every game is.

QYou have 33 points in your Yale ice hockey career and 42 goals for the soccer team. Why is it so easy for you to find the net with such consistency?

AAt Yale the teams are so balanced, so there’s never a player that’s way ahead; everyone contributes offensively and defensively. With such great teammates around me, it’s easy to produce. I think my teammates get me in the right positions to get me a goal or an assist. I’ve always been an offensive-minded player, so I think it’s more natural than anything.

QWhat’s your favorite thing about playing soccer at Yale?

AI think my favorite thing about soccer at Yale is night games. It attracts a larger crowd and the atmosphere of the stadium at night is just great. There are not a lot of stands, but it’s just very comforting when they’re filled.

QWhat makes this year’s team different from past years’ teams?

AI think what benefits us this year is that every class is very strong, and each has a very strong personality — they all blend very well. I think that because they’re different it makes people come together.

QOn Saturday there is a double-header with the men, and the women’s team will play the night game. Do you think there will be a big crowd?

AWe hope so! We’ve been telling everyone that if they’re going to come to one game this season, it should be the home opener versus Princeton. When you travel to Harvard or Princeton, their fans are pretty brutal. It makes a difference to have our fans out there cheering.