Pursuant to the rules of the Honourable and Reverend, the Singing Group Council, the following penalties shall be levied on a cappella groups for infractions during rush: The BDs shall forego rush dinner; Proof and the SOBs shall wait at the High Street gate for no less than two minutes on tap night; Mixed Company shall have its choice of waiting four minutes at the gate or two minutes at the gate and losing its preference for singing dessert date next year.

Applicants, beware: In a recent survey by the test-prep company Kaplan Inc., one in 10 admissions officers admitted to analyzing an applicant’s Facebook profile or MySpace page.

In perhaps the best prank since “We suck,” scores of admitted students at Dartmouth’s version of Bulldog Days gullibly flocked to the table for “Dartmouth Yale Enhusiasts” at the school’s club fair last spring. A group of pranksters recruited them for a fake support group, of sorts, for students hoping to transfer to Yale. “Who here applied to Yale and got rejected?” they asked as a horde of pre-frosh eagerly thrust their hands in the air. Their collective shame can now be viewed on YouTube.

Ordering takeout will soon get more complicated. The 203 area code will run out of new numbers in about two years, state officials say, and a new area code, 475, will then be added. The problem: All local numbers will then require dialing an area code — which could prove an intolerable extra step in ordering a late-night Wenzel.

Can David Swensen save America? A blogger for The Huffington Post, Glenn Hurowitz ’00, thinks so. He suggested Monday that the Treasury Department tap Yale’s investment czar to manage the assets it acquires in its $700 billion bailout of the financial industry. “As much as we Yalies love our alma mater,” he wrote, “we know what comes first.”

Capoeira! Students taking Timothy Dwight Master Robert Thompson’s class “The New York Mambo” were treated to a live demonstration of the Brazilian dance-fighting on Old Campus yesterday. The dancers from the “Capoeira Sanda NYC” troupe encouraged onlookers to join in. “It’s actually kind of like a work out,” Andrea Bouchard ‘10, a student in Thompson’s class said. “It’s a lot of fun.”


2001 A city pastor and community activist, the Rev. W. David Lee DIV ‘93, launched a campaign for a spot on the Yale Corporation, arguing that the University’s highest governing body lacked diversity and local representation. It marked the first time an alumnus petitioned to get on the Corporation ballot since 1969. (Lee ultimately lost in a landslide to Maya Lin ‘81 ARC ‘86.)