Sound-stifling tapestries are expected to be hung in the downstairs reading rooms of Bass Library today. The custom-designed tapestries are worth a look: they were manufactured in Nepal, Switzerland and New York City and made from Tibetan wool and organic dyes.

A candlelight Cross Campus vigil for Troy Anthony Davis

Teary students prayed for Davis — a Georgia man who will likely be executed at 7 p.m. by lethal injection for allegedly murdering a police officer ­­— at the Amnesty International-sponsored vigil last night. Said one solemn attendee, “this case is not atypical in our history.”

On par with Tony Blair? The president of Sierra Leone, Ernest Bai Koroma, will be visiting — wait for it — New Haven (165 Church Street) at 10:15 a.m. today to celebrate historical connections between the city and his country. The reform leader has no seminars scheduled.

Sigma Psi Zeta ended rush Sunday after a week of activities themed around Vitamin Water: Defense, a self defense workshop; b-Relaxed, a small French-styled picnic; and Revive: a spa night.

Weight-conscious students may be surprised to learn that the relatively innocuous-looking “Thai Beef Lavash Wrap” served for lunch in colleges yesterday packed 1,525.26 calories, including 26.37 grams of fat, according to Dining Services’ nutritional information. Aren’t wraps supposed to be healthy?

Some students complained about their lack of representation on the search committee for choosing a new Yale College dean, but given the chance to weigh in, they didn’t exactly jump at the opportunity. When President Levin suggested on Sept. 3 that students e-mail nominations to the committee members, fewer than 10 undergraduates replied, the News learned yesterday. So much for that.

Registered to vote? The Yale College Democrats set up in the Branford Common Room yesterday to promote voter registration among freshmen and sent representatives to Old Campus to canvass. The Dems’ Registrar of Voters Matthew Ellison ’10 said he anticipates registration tables outside dining halls by October.


1993 Facing a decline in the number of admitted students choosing to matriculate at Yale, the admissions office released a new viewbook. So-called elitist elements were replaced with student-friendly information and photos to highlight the lesser-known aspects of student life.

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