Weekend brunch is a Yale staple. And why not? There are trays of goodies, deep-fried calories, the endless line of freshmen lighting the toaster on fire, the ex-boyfriend who you watched make-out with your former roommate last night …

Okay, so it’s not always the most hassle-free experience. Not that we’d ever advocate missing brunch, but skipping the crowds and keeping the tasty morning gossip fest? We’re all for it. Sleep in and save the hike to the dining hall with these delicious, easy and free brunch options made right in your own common room. Just remember to bring your Tupperware to meals the day before. Oh, and mimosas are mandatory.

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For the Health-Nut


Yogurt, granola, assorted fruit (stolen from the dining hall)

Atticus bread (free outside at midnight)

Cocktail glasses

Delight your daintiest suitemate with this elegant and low-cal meal. Chop your choice of fruit into bite-sized chunks — we like bananas and peaches, plus berries bursared from Durfee’s. Clean out your cocktail glasses and fill 1/3 of the way with yogurt. Sprinkle granola. Repeat. Repeat. Top with more granola, fruit, and maybe a slice of apple (or lemon peel, if last night involved margaritas) as garnish. Cut up the Atticus bread and arrange artistically, perhaps with some of those butter packets stolen from your last dinner out. Use extra fruit as fruit salad. So nutritious!

For the Mountain Man


Quaker Oats, honey, brown sugar, cinnamon (next to the tea in most residential colleges)

Raisins, Craisins (look on the salad bar)


Fix up a hearty breakfast New England-style by making a mean batch of the most under-rated brunch food ever — oatmeal. Add hot water, dried fruit, sugar and spice for a filling meal. Sweet tooth not satisfied? Cut the apples into halves, scoop out some of the middles and fill each with brown sugar and cinnamon. Microwave in a bowl for 3-4 minutes. Slice and serve.

For the Ambitious Chef


Eggs (make friends with the dining hall staff. Or go to Durfee’s)

Cheese, cold cuts, assorted veggies


Bet you didn’t know you could make an omelet in the microwave. Well, a heat-safe bowl and a preplanned trip to the salad bar could land you your own incredible, edible eggs. Impress your suitemates by chopping up leftovers, cracking eggs and nuking it all on high heat for around 5 minutes (buttering the bowl first, if possible). Add some shredded cheese, continue for another 45 seconds and you finally have one of those personalized omelets you can never drag yourself to Commons for on early weekday mornings. We like it on half a stolen bagel.