The oracular Bob Shiller, Yale’s notoriously bearish economics professor, told reporters that he believes the worst is yet to come on Wall Street. Monday, he said, may mark “the first act of a long and complex tragedy.” Once again, the Cassandra continued, “many people, unable to repay their debts, are being pursued aggressively by creditors.”

Jaywalkers and police officers may have reached a compromise. Faint lines have been drawn on Elm Street, creating a pseudo-pedestrian pathway between Durfee’s and Berkeley College.

A parade of honking cars trailing green, white and red striped flags zoomed through the Yale campus around 10 p.m. last night in a premature celebration of today’s Mexican Independence Day.

Women on Wall St. no more? A panel on women in finance sponsored by UCS was postponed until the spring mere hours before it was scheduled to begin yesterday. Could this have been because of the crisis looming on that other Wall Street?

“Grandparents for Yalies,” an organization that allows students to “adopt” grandparents from among elderly city residents, is relaunching this semester after dwindling to only one member last year. Grandma, anyone?

Live from New Haven, it’s (ex-)Saturday Night Live star Rachel Dratch, along with comedians and Apple ad stars Justin Long and John Hodgman ’94. Four Yalies saw the trio at The Anchor, a Chapel Street bar, on Saturday night.

Online game GoCrossCampus (no relation), which pits students from universities against each other in a Risk-like competition for virtual campus domination, launches its 2008 Ivy League Championships today. One player from the winning school will win a plasma TV, sound system and Nintendo Wii.

“Got AIDS?” was one of many slogans touted on posters that filled Dwight Hall last night at the Bazaar for Public Service and Social Justice. More than 100 service organizations attended.

Strains of jazz music floated into the Branford College courtyard as more than 90 students crammed into the common room. Jazz performance? Not quite — the students were attending a Teach for America info session.


1983 It was reported that Geoffrey Halstead ’85 had been sentenced to accelerated rehabilitation the previous spring for the possession of more than three pounds of marijuana, worth between $15,000 and $17,000. Halstead had been arrested at Yale Station while picking up packages containing the drugs.