A Pierson College senior was nearly mowed down by a car careening down High Street in the wrong direction Saturday afternoon. Several police cars were seen in hot pursuit. “Guns were brandished and people were yelling,” said another Pierson senior, who witnessed the chase as it reached Edgewood Avenue.

Merrill Lynch CEO and Yale donor John Thain may have lost his company to the cruel caprices of the market this weekend, but at least his legacy will live on in the sustainable sandwiches served at his eponymous cafe in the Bass Library.

Oops … Yale University Health Services accidentally mailed the results of a chlamydia screening to an unsuspecting Davenport College sophomore last week. (It was positive.) Turns out the results were actually meant for someone else.

The Saybrook College Council will vote tonight on a proposal for a $4,499 hot tub (plus taxes and shipping) that could accommodate six students. Said the student who proposed the spa, “The Infinity Crown Spa would not only improve camaraderie among Saybrugians, but it would also contribute to better grades and students’ physical and mental well-being.”

By the book. Sterling Memorial Library was evacuated Sunday afternoon when the fire alarm went off. Students scrambled to pack up — but still had to wait in line to have their bags

checked before they could leave.

Not off to a good start. Critics so far have not been kind to Yale’s recent renovations on York Street. Several weeks after Nicolai Ouroussoff’s unfriendly review of the redone A&A Building appeared in The New York Times, Philip Langdon commented on the new Jeffrey Loria Centernext door in Sunday’s Hartford Courant. “New Haveners,” he wrote, “are wondering how Yale could have spent $126 million on a high-profile building project and gotten so much so wrong.” The building, he added, “looms over the Gothic, human-scale Yale Daily News building next door, making the old building look as if it’s about to be kicked down the street.” Amen.

Twice the fun. The results of last month’s YSAC poll are in: 65 percent of undergraduates want a smaller fall show to allow for an additional winter event. YSAC is already on it, says Chair Colin Leatherbury ’09. “As of now, we are planning to have both, and hopefully the budget will leave us enough room to do that.”


1955 It was announced that Old Campus and residential-college dorm rooms would be inspected biweekly for cleanliness. Rooms failing inspection would have to be cleaned within three days or their owners would face disciplinary action.

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