Hugh Baran had it right when he called the coming election a “fight for our future” (“In ’08, it’s the issues, stupid,” 9/10). After nearly eight years under President Bush, who was so often deaf to public outcry, and at a time when both presidential candidates show themselves to be responsive to shifts in opinion and willing to compromise, voters must now be clear and forceful in their demands.

Across the country, students are responding to the challenge of the present moment and reasserting the need to address climate change in this election. Under the banner of “Power Vote,” they are seizing onto what may be the last chance to steer America away from dirty, destructive energy sources and toward a clean, just energy future.

By mobilizing one million young voters, “Power Vote” will counter the pressure from coal, oil and nuclear power companies on our candidates, while putting forth a new energy agenda, one that would scale back emissions, create millions of green jobs and employ clean, renewable energy sources.

Young voters will make up a quarter of the electorate this year; they have the chance to force the issue of stopping climate change and help create sustainable solutions to the current energy crisis. Already, many students here at Yale have stepped forward and, with the “Power Vote Pledge,” committed themselves to voting for clean and just energy. Join us by logging on to and taking the pledge today.

Rachel Payne ’12

Saybrook College