As we commemorate the tragedy of 9/11, I am disturbed to see that despite cries to end worldwide terror, the situation in Pakistan is not any better. On Sept. 7, a leading Pakistani media channel Geo TV aired a special program on ‘Aalim Online’ in which a ‘Mullah’ stated that the non-violent religious minority in Pakistan the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community is ‘worthy of death.’

A day later, masked assailants murdered two prominent Ahmadis in the Sindh province. One was an American citizen, a physician who devoted himself to provide medical aide to the under served in that enclave. Ironically, he was murdered while working in the hospital that he helped found.

Geo TV was irresponsible in airing an incitement to violence; indeed, the assailants expeditiously carried out the Mullah’s order. But most disturbing is that while the world mourns lives lost on September 11th, Geo TV aired the video in celebration of the 34th anniversary of the Pakistani government’s constitutional amendment declaring Ahmadis to be ‘non-Muslims.’ The war on terror demands a rebuke not only of Pakistan’s media and clergy, but sadly also its constitution.

Sohail Husain

Professor of Pediatrics

Yale School of Medicine