The New York Times Magazine chose the Yale Bowl to shoot the cover image for its College Issue, to be released Sept. 21. Two esteemed members of the faculty lectured while about 60 students, assembled in a heart formation, looked on.

Architecture students are making the most of Yale’s $126 million renovation of the Rudolph Building. A party there last night got so rowdy that a student was carted off by an ambulance. One wonders if he was done in by the alcohol or the orange carpet.

Politically savvy student Democrats went to Hamden on Saturday to hear local politicians bash Republicans at a state party rally. Among the VIPs there: Conn. Sen. Chris Dodd and New Haven Congresswoman Rosa DeLauro.

Woe to the pre-law buffs. Renowned law professor Akhil Amar ’80 LAW ’84 will not be teaching his popular undergraduate course “Constitutional Law” next fall. Some students say he will be teaching a DeVane lecture instead.

Want some zucchini? Sophie Wolfram ’10 of Davenport College planted a vegetable garden over the summer in the school’s lower courtyard. The garden also features tomatoes and various peppers.

Students with Nalgene bottles, stay alert. Yale School of Medicine researchers reported last week that the chemical bisphenol-A, found in Nalgenes and other water bottles, can inhibit the creation of connections among brain cells in primates.

Students in Pierson wondered if the college had taken environmentalism to an extreme when the college’s master’s office announced Friday that all trash cans would be removed from the courtyard.

It was raining Obama in Davenport College on Friday. Rain entered the third-floor suite in Davenport Entryway B because a heap of posters for Ill. Sen. Barack Obama clogged the gutters above and weighed down the roof sealing.

Grand Strategy may go global. The Brady-Johnson Program in Grand Strategy will host a conference from Sept. 12 to 13 with professors from about 20 other universities in hopes of replicating the curriculum of the exclusive leadership seminar outside Yale’s campus.


1978 Pierson College senior Kathren Mattson sued Yale for $10,000, claiming that the absence of sufficient security resulted in her being raped by a New Haven resident the previous year.