“To-day the News, arrayed in her new dress, greets those of her old friends who remain to us and also right heartily welcomes a new class into this jolly world of ours.”
—September 15, 1881

While Yale remains locked in a protracted battle with Peru over Machu Picchu artifacts uncovered by Yale professor Hiram Bingham in 1911, some tour guides in Peru are disputing Bingham’s claim of discovering the ancient ruins. They say German businessman Augusto Berns found and looted the ruins in 1867. For more on Yale’s South American saga, see page 3.

Hungry last week? University dining halls only opened one day before classes begin — today — but Harvard’s dining halls open between six and nine days before its Sept. 15 start date.

In other food news, Ivy Noodle has been contracted for a new Asian station at Commons.

Forget the housing draw. Elizabeth Turnbull, an incoming student at the School of Forestry & Environmental Studies, is building her own eco-friendly, solar-powered 8-by-18-foot box atop a flatbed trailer that she will live in.

Just in time for Camp Yale, 129 university presidents and chancellors across America signed a petition urging lawmakers to lower the drinking age to 18. “The current law has not prevented alcohol from being available, and drinking is widespread at all American colleges,” Duke President and former Yale College Dean Richard Broadhead said. Instead, he said, the law pushes drinking into hiding and prevents students from making responsible choices.

While John Gaddis’ opening lecture of “The Cold War” packs Woolsey Hall today, another Cold War may be brewing, Law School professor Bruce Ackerman wrote in Britain’s The Guardian. He said Russia’s resurgence threatens to split U.S. and European strategic interests and weaken a trans-Atlantic alliance.

Now the perfect pitch can make a perfect swing. University physics professor Robert Grober invented a small wireless transmitter that can be embedded in the end of a golf club and play a note in the golfer’s headphones, signaling when the swing is best. The device helped Vijay Singh win his second-straight PGA Tour FedEx Cup playoffs.

THIS DAY IN YALE HISTORY 1917 Yale College enrollment dropped 25 percent as students joined the American war effort during World War I. The incoming class of 1920 shrunk to 250 members.


Compiled by: Isaac Arnsdorf, Staff Reporter