By Thomas Kaplan

DENVER, 3:10 p.m. — This is the first presidential election in 24 years missing an Eli from the top of a ticket, but that doesn’t mean the Democratic National Convention will be totally bereft of Yale graduates.

Most notably, Senator Hillary Clinton LAW ’73 and her husband, Bill, are scheduled to speak this week. A number of other politicians with Yale ties are also on the speaking schedule this week, too, though not all will speak during the portions of the convention broadcast in primetime on television.

Elis scheduled to speak this week include:

MONDAY: Democratic National Committee Chairman Howard Dean ’71; Senator Amy Klobuchar ’82 of Minnesota; and Senator Sherrod Brown ’74 of Ohio

TUESDAY: Senator Hillary Clinton LAW ’73 of New York

WEDNESDAY: Former U.S. President Bill Clinton LAW ’73 and Senator John Kerry ’66 of Massachusetts

The News will report live from the Pepsi Center each day this week during their speeches.