By Thomas Kaplan

WINDSOR LOCKS, Conn., 7:05 a.m. — I came to Bradley International Airport this morning with high hopes.

This was not going to be any ordinary plane ride, I told people. As the only direct flight from Hartford to Denver on Sunday, the eve of the Democratic National Convention, this was going to be a four-hour-long Obama rally at 30,000 feet.

Or so I thought until I arrived at the gate a few minutes ago.

No “Change We Can Believe In” banner. No Dick Blumenthal. No chants of “Yes we can!”

Frontier Airlines flight 314, departing Bradley at 7:30 a.m., looked like just another flight. From listening to conversations here in the airport, I gleaned that a few of the folks waiting here at the gate are delegates, but I don’t recognize any of them.

No matter. Soon, Connecticut’s 60 delegates will be in Denver, and presumably the enthusiasm there will top the general stupor here in the early morning hours at Bradley. Really, I shouldn’t complain. By the end of the week, I probably will be praying to never again hear a “Yes we can!” chant.