Sada Jacobson ’06 will have to make room for a third Olympic medal in her trophy case.

Jacobson earned a bronze metal in the team sabre competition Thursday to accompany the silver she won individually last Saturday and the individual bronze she picked up in Athens four years ago. After the match, she announced her retirement from fencing to pursue a degree from the University of Michigan Law School.

Jacobson joined up with the two other Americans who had filled the podium after Saturday’s individual sabre bouts — gold medalist Mariel Zagunis and bronze medalist Becca Ward — to compete in the team bracket.

After a surprising loss to the underdog Ukrainians in the team semifinals, the Americans beat France, 45-38, to win bronze. Ukraine took gold, defeating host China by a single touch, 45-44.

In the team format, each team’s three fencers face each of the opponent’s three in a round robin format; the first team to 45 touches wins. In the bronze medal match, Jacobson was outscored by her three French opponents by a score of 15-14. She outscored the Ukranians 16-11 in the United States’ 45-39 semifinal loss.