In addition to senior projects and putting together their futures after graduation, Yoo Jin Cheong ’09 and Meredith Wall ’09 have a new task next year: leading the Senior Class Council.

Assistant Dean of Yale College Edgar Letriz announced Tuesday that Cheong and Wall won elections — in Wall’s case, uncontested — to serve as the two leaders of the SCC. Cheong will serve as senior-class treasurer and Wall as senior-class secretary. The Council’s duties include planning senior-only events throughout the year, organizing Senior Week and securing a Class Day speaker.

“The job starts pretty much right away,” Wall said. “We have to stick around for all the Commencement activities to observe what the current Senior Class Council is doing so that we have some idea for next year.”

Citing her experience on the Berkeley College Council, Sophomore Class Council and Junior Class Committee, Wall walked away with an uncontested victory in the race for secretary. She campaigned on a platform that included throwing senior nights at BAR, a fall barbecue and a senior-class go-kart derby.

But Wall’s duties will not end with Commencement 2009. The secretary is also responsible for the first five years of correspondence between a class and the Association of Yale Alumni, often filing briefs with the alumni magazine describing the accomplishments and whereabouts of members of the class.

Joining Wall on the council will be Treasurer-elect Cheong, whose belt notches include service on the Freshman Class Council and serving as Jonathan Edwards College’s representative to the Yale College Council. Cheong picked up a victory over rival Elizabeth Clark-Polner ’09.

“This is our last year at Yale, and I want to make sure that everyone has the opportunity to bond with each other and make lasting memories,” Cheong said. “We’re going to take a lot of suggestions from the senior class in order to make it a good year for everyone.”

In her candidacy statement, Cheong said she wanted to grow closer with the class of 2009 through her tenure as treasurer and ensure the “proper allocation” of funds to “various events.”