Rich Tao could not be convinced to make his first appearance at the Toad as YCC President, even despite the promise of scantily-clad Berzelius taps handing out milk and cookies. Instead, Tao went to his favorite booth at Yorkside with his new secretary, Jasper Wang. I’m not one to turn down a free chicken wing or two, so I held court with them and basked in the deep-fried post-election glory that eluded me last year.

News of Tao and Wang’s victory had only hit the street two hours earlier, but it was already obvious I was rolling with celebs. People in line for pizza whispered and pointed. Waitresses brought us free milkshakes. The guy from Ivygate who valiantly attempted to make fun of this blog even gave Rich his number.

Before long, three of Tao and Wang’s friends piled in the booth and suddenly, as one of them pointed out, I was the token white guy.

The friends – Hans, Yuen and James – had mostly encouraging things to say, remarking on the quality and quantity of the e-mails sent on Rich’s behalf. “[Ethnic Counselor] Funmi’s [Showole] was amazing,” Hans said, “and the Dwight Hall…that’s like the most legit endorsement you can get.” Take that YDN. By the way, first year in a while the YDN picked the whole slate (except UOFC chair…I keep acting like that race didn’t happen. Go BT!).

After letting Hans’ comment sink in, James chimed in, “I didn’t hear anything about you Jasper.”

“I won by 30 percent,” Jasper retorted. Man’s got a point.

I mentioned that Abby Cheung had run an impressively aggressive campaign for a freshman, but Yuen interrupted: “No man. Jon Wu. That kid was everywhere. Yes Wu Can. Wu Hoo…”

Jasper might not remember saying this: “A lot of people hate on Jon Wu. I’m just gonna let the haters hate.” He continued, “Rich, I’m gonna hate on you on JuicyCampus.”

Rich responded, “I’m gonna hate on you back. It’s anonymous so it’s all good, baby baby.” And if you don’t know, now you know.

Eventually, I had to depart to do a problem set, which apparently reminded Jasper that he had a Chinese presentation in less than nine hours worth 40 percent of his grade that he hadn’t started.

He brushed that dirt off his shoulder: “Think I’ll go play Super Smash Brothers.”

Update 12:36 p.m. – Jon Wu isn’t the first Jon Wu to run for treasurer. Last year, Jon Wu ’09, roommate of the infamous Ned Fulmer who should probably just go home or at least not to Wednesday Night Toad’s, finished third behind Harrison Marks and Carrie Nguyen (Hi if you’re reading this in Spain, Carrie). Wu ’09 – wait, they could be like the Bushes, 41 and 43, except ’09 and ’10 – was a PTPer: baller on FCC, deadpan humor in YCC meetings, and giver of sick handshakes at SigEp parties. But somewhere between Yes Wu Can and the YDN endorsement, ’09 became Jon Wu #2 and ’10 took control of the top spot. ’09 seemed to be taking it in stride. At least people who google him will think he won now.

Update 12:38 p.m. – Ran into Colin Leatherbury walking out of Yorkside. I tried to get a witty quote from him, but I couldn’t really understand what he said, so I just smiled and laughed like I heard him.

Update 12:39 p.m. – Big embrace from Zach DeWitt. “Thanks for the shoutout on the blog.” Wow. People actually read this?