With two years of experience as a UOFC board member, Bryan Twarek ’10 has been planning to run for the chair position all year. As treasurer of the Rotoract Club, Twarek has seen the UOFC’s operations from an outsider’s perspective. And as leader of the UOFC’s capital-equipment program, which provides things like projectors and lights for events, he thinks his dedication to and experience with the UOFC will enable him to make the UOFC a far more efficient resource for students.

“There are a lot of things that need to be simplified,” Twarek said.

Simplifying application procedures, consolidating funding and informational resources and making the organization friendlier are his three principal goals as UOFC chair.

The UOFC’s organizational funding application currently has 30 possible funding categories, while the dean’s office, which oversees them, utilizes far fewer, Twarek said. He said he wants to make the application process easier by eliminating these kinds of bureaucratic complexities.

In addition, Twarek wants to continue revising the UOFC Web site, centralizing funding options and providing more how-to assistance for organizations applying. He said the site’s by-laws are too detailed for campus groups to process entirely. Instead, Twarek proposes a more interactive site.

“If someone tries to put in an amount more than is allowed, the Web site will tell you that this is a problem,” Twarek said.

He also hopes to make interactions between the UOFC and undergraduate organizations more productive by making liaisons more accessible.

“I plan to have times for people to come in to pick up checks, but also to get advice and so forth,” Twarek said. He added that, if there were demand, he would be willing to make liaisons available five nights a week.