Emily Schofield’s ’09 interests are soap, food and bus rides — not necessarily in that order.

Schofield, a junior and incumbent Yale College Council vice president, has used her results-oriented nature to bring Yale students soap in their bathrooms, better dining-hall offerings and transportation shuttles on Science Hill. She has also served as a Branford College representative to the YCC and a Freshman Class Council representative.

Schofield’s countless hours on YCC have yielded important relationships with Yale administrators and an understanding of the issues that matter, she said.

“You can’t underestimate the power of experience,” she said.

Rather then “reinventing the wheel” with each new project, Schofield said she can continue to build upon the work YCC has already done. While she cares about her own projects — including Community Service Day and New Haven Nights — Schofield said her job is about facilitating other representatives’ initiatives.

To that end, Schofield has helped restructure the YCC, encouraging small-group work to push forward different projects simultaneously.

Looking forward, she hopes to reform Undergraduate Career Services and continue improving dining services.

Tomas Rua ’10, who worked with Schofield on the YCC’s efforts to reform the dining halls, praised Schofield for her ability to facilitate communication and keep track of various projects within the YCC.

“She knows the [YCC] better than anyone,” he said.

Schofield attended Shady Side Academy in Pittsburgh, Pa., and is majoring in political science and economics.