Emily Schofield ’09 made the curious decision to run — again — for YCC vice president this spring. Why not, one might ask her, run for president? The reason, we can avow, is simple: Schofield is a born vice president. No role suits her better, and few Yalies seem better matched for the role. Unpretentious, matter of fact and hardworking, Schofield deserves your vote.

In her own words, “While the president is the external face of the YCC, the vice-president role is a very different one that suits my personality.” It is, she explained at the Sunday endorsement meeting, about complementing the YCC leader and ensuring that the 24 residential-college representatives are informed, accountable and meeting potential. It is about the nuts and bolts — deadlines, efficiency, delegation — and not the big picture.

But this is not to say Schofield lacks good ideas. Just the opposite, in fact: She was a key — and responsible — force in acquiring soap in the bathrooms and a bus for Science Hill in recent years as well as internally coordinating and implementing many of the YCC’s initiatives of the past year, which have been its most successful in recent memory.

Schofield faces a personable opponent in Jarrett Burks ’10. Although his platform seemed more suited for secretary — he wanted to take the vice presidency in a more public direction — he commanded the room and bubbled with compelling ideas. And if elected, we hope Schofield takes a page from his book, particularly by working toward greater YCC transparency. But that said, Burks — who did not participate in the council during his sophomore year even though he was part of FCC his freshman year — failed to demonstrate much understanding of why, for example, the Credit/D/Fail proposal failed.

Burks argued that the importance of “experience can be blown out of proportion,” but while we empathize, Schofield’s candidacy is about more than experience. It is about a self-aware, ulterior-motive-free desire to draw on her personality traits to best serve the YCC and, in turn, the student body.