By Ryan Russell

Disclaimer: Take these predictions with a grain of salt. I obviously have no idea who will win, but I’m basing these guesses as objectively as possible on how receptive I think students will be to each individual’s personality and campaign.


Rich Tao – 2:1

Why He’ll Win: Extremely likeable candidate with a deep understanding of Yale College’s current problems and historical position.

Why He’ll Lose: May lack ruthless political nature necessary to mobilize student body vote.

Harrison Marks – 3:1

Why He’ll Win: Experience and drive. As the reigning Treasurer, Harrison can point to his experiences on the e-board as a concrete strength. Harrison has been eyeing the Presidency for quite some time and has steadily built up his contacts throughout the school.

Why He’ll Lose: Blind ambition. Harrison’s apparent “March to the Presidency” has soured many students opinion of him as another YCC tool.

Katrina Landeta – 8:1

Why She’ll Win: Very involved with AASA and community service groups. May attract female vote.

Why She’ll Lose: Seems to be pretty overmatched by other candidates in just about every important Presidential characteristic.


Emily Schofield – 2:1

Why She’ll Win: Undeniable Election and Executive Board experience.

Why She’ll Lose: Yalies may look for a changing of the guard on the E-board.

Jarrett Burks – 15:1

Why He’ll Win: Extremely likable individual who may have some sort of trick up his sleeve.

Why He’ll Lose: Lacks YCC and student government experience necessary for crucial Vice Presidency position.


Jon Wu – 2:1

Why He’ll Win: Very likable, hard-working candidate with the ability to mobilize the freshman vote. O ya… and this:

Why He’ll Lose: Might be too much too soon. J Wu held down a FCC Presidency and YCC representative spot this year. Student body may resent his quick ascent up YCC ladder.

Will Alexander – 3:1

Why He’ll Win: Also a very likable candidate who has built solid contacts throughout the student body.

Why He’ll Lose: Will’s athlete and fraternity base is probably the least voting-day reliable on campus.


Abigail Cheung – Push

Why She’ll Win: Ability to mobilize freshman vote.

Why She’ll Lose: Lacks YCC experience.

Jasper Wang –Push

Why He’ll Win: Experienced, well-spoken YCC candidate who worked on solid YCC projects including Job-shadowing day and Credit/D/Fail reform.

Why He’ll Lose: Might lack the charm to turn the crucial freshman vote.

YSAC Chair:

Not sure about any of the candidates but I’ll give the edge to Colin Leatherbury because of his experience with Spring Fling.


No Idea.