By Zach Marks

From today’s YDN story on the YCC elections:

“We all know each other very well,” [YCC presidential hopeful Katrina] Landeta said, referring to her competitors, both of whom she counts among her close friends. “So it’ll be interesting to see how the next few days unfold. But regardless, we all very much respect each other.”

Katrina’s not lying. Facebook confirms that these three have caroused on at least several occasions. Here the three can be seen in a ménage a 8 of last year’s Freshman Class Council, where Katrina served as activities chair and Rich and Harrison served as chair of the whole body for a semester each:


More creepy Facebook stalking below the fold.

Apparently the tension has been mounting for a few weeks ever since word got out that Katrina and Rich were contemplating a run against Harrison, the race’s incumbent e-boarder who many suspected had been eyeing the presidency for a good while. You can imagine the off-the-record meetings that took place between them, in which one candidate might have implored the other to value their friendship over ambition for the job.

“Just wait til next year,” one candidate is reported having said to another. “This is my year. Don’t do this to me as a friend.”

I don’t see what all the fuss is about. Barack and Hillary were BFF back and the day, and now… Oh, right. For real for real, though, as long as they keep things clean, Harrison should be back taking the optional reach-around in photos with Katrina and Rich (see below) in no time.



Actually, they don’t even have to keep things too clean. I got knocked for mad campaign violations last year, and Taber and I are like peas and carrots now. I think the campaign actually made us much closer. I didn’t even really know her like that before we started running, but by the end of the race, we were BFF no doubt. She might’ve just felt bad for me, but I’ll take what I can get with a 50 Most.