By Ryan Russell

I’m not normally a blogger, but when Zach Marks and I discussed the possibility of helping cover this year’s YCC Executive board election for the YDN, we knew this was an opportunity we couldn’t pass up. I mean, it’s been great walking around campus as the two biggest losers for the past year, but I for one am relishing in the opportunity to watch this year’s election drama unfold! Granted, the election committee has cut down on the campaign length and streamlined the endorsement process, but that sure hasn’t stopped the backstabbing and back room deals that have taken place before the election, nor will it cut down on the late night bickering about campaign violations, endorsement procedures, and advertisement infringements that undoubtedly will occur during the election. I mean… who wouldn’t want to cover this??

So with the election around the corner, be prepared (again) for the barrage of e-mails, that flurry of fliers, and those annoying late-night dorm room visits so that the candidates can secure that all important last vote. These unsolicited disturbances will surely test your patience and if you’re like most Yale students, a fundamental question is bound to cross your mind:

Why the hell does all of this even matter?

It matters because your life will be affected by the outcome in some way or another. Believe it or not, the YCC has a hand in almost everything that deals with student life here on campus. Sure, you’re aware of how the YCC habitually underperforms in providing acceptable acts for Spring Fling (I mean, Jay-Z and DMB can’t be too difficult to book… right?); but how about financial-aid reform, gender-neutral housing, last weekend’s “Party Train”, or maybe something as simple as providing locks on bedroom doors? Yep, the YCC has a hand in ALL of that and most likely a ton more that you have no idea about. The tone of for next year’s council will be set by the executive board Yale students elect next week. We’ll be here to help cover the lighter side of the campaign and also help you get to know these candidates.