By Zach Marks

It’s that time again. When inboxes get clogged with campaign mail and Tyco makes bank from printing candidates’ posters, table tents, stickers and billboards. When people you’ve never seen start kissing your ass for votes and the word “tool” is heard in dining hall conversations with alarming frequency. Yeah, you know what time it is. YCC election time, baby!

I know, I know. No one likes having their common room invaded by pandering presidential hopefuls, but hold back that hateration just a minute. We have five competitive races and at least three impressive candidates running to fill the shoes of President Rebecca Taber ‘08: Katrina Landeta ’10, a representative from Branford, who’s worked on gender-neutral housing and CommUNITY week, and is president of KASAMA, Yale’s Filipino student group; Harrison Marks ’10, who won a fierce race last spring to be this year’s YCC treasurer, where he’s created the “Student Development Directive,” an idea that landed him a sweet headshot in the YDN and landed “Mean Girls” in Bass Library; and Richard Tao ’10, a representative from Silliman who spearheaded the YCC’s work on financial aid this winter and served as chair of the Freshman Class Council last year.

These posts will be short and sweet and updated whenever a candidate is seen talking with his or her hands, so peep this blog on the regular.