To the Editor:

I appreciated Yedidya Schwartz’s piece on the News’ opinon page Wednesday (“In Sderot, terrorism the rule, not the exception,” 4/2). I have nothing but concern and sympathy for the residents of Sderot. But as a Jew and a human being, that concern and sympathy extends to the innocent Palestinians in Gaza who are also “forced to live in fear, in poverty, and in the suffocating trauma of war and siege” (his words).

Schwartz is right that we, as “members of a free society committed to bettering quality of life in all corners of the globe,” should not forget those who live in such conditions. We should not forget both those Israelis and Palestinians who have lost so much at the hands of a vicious and cruel cycle of violence.

Let us practice policies and engage in dialogues that embrace Gandhi’s famous and oft-quoted words: “An eye for an eye leaves the whole world blind.”

Sarah Turbow

April 3

The writer is a sophomore in Calhoun College.