Spring Break? You do not even need a “spring break” if you can take a vacation every time you sit down at your computer. And you can! With the fun and laughs of online word games.

Now, scene takes an ardent stand in favor of online word games. Let others say what they will; scene has never nor will ever waver.

Text Twist

The best of the bunch, until you play for three hours straight and your brain is addled. Who knew that “mans” was a word? It is! A verb, no less. Who knew that “army” actually existed? It does, although it is not an adjective meaning “having arms; like, arm-y.”

Here at scene, we Twist the night away.

Seeing How Many People Have a Certain Name

This game involves names, a special type of word. Go to www.yale.edu/facebook (best facebook!), and think of a name that probably a lot of people have — like “Amanda,” or “Matthew,” or “Juan.” Type it in and search. Now you know how many people have that name. Repeat, repeat.

Bonus game: Who is Fat Now?

Who was not fat before. This is not actually a word game; it is a picture game. But it is still a good game.


According to facebook, everyone is playing this trendy online word game. Everyone! We sure are. Our best bingo: Evicting! We’ve also gotten “brainier” and “somatic.” Scrabulous was created by Rajat and Jayant Agarwalla, commerce graduates of Saint Xavier’s college in Kolkata. They know where it’s at. Do you?


In this game, you scroll through your e-mail in-box and see what your life was like at a certain time in the past. “Two years ago today” is a good place to start. What TAs were you lying to? Which suitemate was stealing shampoo? Whom were you trying to date? Friend requests?

It is the archaeology of the future, so if you ever liked mummies, this is the game for you.

Bonus game: Discovering Ominous Patterns

Maybe this is the week when EVERYTHING ALWAYS GOES WRONG for you. You won’t know unless you look.

These games are better than any vacay in Barbados. These games will always be there for you.