To the Editor:

The ardent Obama supporter Peter Johnston might find interesting an editorial written by, coincidentally enough, another fellow (not so dissimilar) named Peter Johnston about religion in our society. In this editorial (“Religious faith is the culmination of reason” 2/6), which appeared in the News not three weeks ago, the latter Johnston (No. 2, if you will) asks us to suspend our rationality because in order to truly understand the world we must understand faith as a part of rationality.

This makes the former Johnston’s (No. 1) article (“Religious right critiques hope, destroys world” 2/29) make all the more sense!

From the suspension of rationality, our society has come to believe in the ability of a godly human to sacrifice himself for our faults.

Thank God Johnston No. 2 lives in a society constructed by centuries of people like Johnston No. 1, where redemption is the ultimate goal and such is never personal, but can only come at the hands of a higher power!

David Broockman

Feb. 29

The writer is a freshman in Jonathan Edwards College.