The plea hearing for Casper Desfeux ’10, originally scheduled for last Friday, has been delayed until April 22, Desfeux’s lawyer, William Dow III ’63, confirmed last night.

This is the fourth time Desfeux’s plea hearing has been delayed since he made a court appearance in October, when he filed his application for accelerated rehabilitation, a special type of probation granted to first-time offenders who commit minor crimes.

Desfeux was arrested and charged with voyeurism and the­ dissemination of voyeurism last September after he filmed himself and a female acquaintance having sex on his Apple MacBook and then showed the video to his suitemates.

He filmed the 45-minute video in April 2007, the affidavit states. Desfeux has claimed he did not distribute the file, which was between seven and eight gigabytes in size according to the affidavit, by e-mail or on the Internet.

But in October, Supervisory State’s Attorney David Strollo, who represents the woman in the video, insisted a decision on the case be delayed until “certain items received from Desfeux” could be examined in a state forensic laboratory. One of these items is Desfeux’s external hard drive. Desfeux has said he is unsure if he transferred the video file to the drive.

When the hearing was delayed in late January, Dow told the News that the prosecution still needed time to analyze the evidence it had obtained from Desfeux.

Voyeurism and dissemination of voyeurism are both Class D felonies in the state of Connecticut.