Clarence Willoughby pleaded not guilty Wednesday morning to seven charges of corruption brought against him by the NHPD, the New Haven Independent reported Wednesday afternoon.

Willoughby, who will face the Board of Police Commissioners on Thursday night, was arrested Feb. 6 for larceny, forgery, false statement and stealing from the detective’s informant fund.

The arrest of the detective — who has worked at the NHPD for 24 years — came after the NHPD’s Internal Affairs Department conducted an internal investigation to examine case-expenditure funds.

NHPD Chief Francisco Ortiz said in a press release that he will push for Willoughby’s termination.

“It’s important that our residents understand that we won’t tolerate this type of conduct and that we will weed out individuals who do not meet the ethics and standards of this department,” Ortiz said.

New Haven Mayor John DeStefano Jr. called Willoughby’s behavior “egregious” and “not acceptable.”

The Board of Police Commissioners will hold a hearing today to decide if Willoughby will be fired.