This article has been corrected. You may view this article’s correction here.

Monday’s story “Officials consider W. Center demands” mistakenly reported that requiring fraternities to register with the Yale College Dean’s Office “would allow for their regulation and censorship.” The sentence should read “regulation and censure.”

A graphic Friday misrepresented the rise of Yale College’s enrollment in the 1960s. Until 1963, the College only comprised students in their sophomore, junior or senior years, and freshmen were considered enrolled in a separate entity known as the “Freshman Year.” Taking this into account, the enrollment increase is 18 percent, not the 68 percent shown in the graphic, which did not include the Freshman Year in the 1960 enrollment figure.

Last week’s News’ View “Let the debate be hardcore” incorrectly stated that Paul Thomas Anderson would be visiting Yale. The screening featured the work of pornography director Paul Thomas.

The News sincerely regrets these errors.