To the Editor:

To say that we are over-focusing on this single incident of insult is over-simplifying the matter. The Women’s Center report referenced in “Women’s Center demands policy overhaul, rebuke” (2/13) extended for many, many pages, and most of the points addressed hopes for changes to university policy in general. While this specific event with Zeta Psi may have instigated a dialogue, the continued effort is definitely directed at overall change.

The author does a great job of representing the report; however, the first sentence of the article, which concerns the Center’s address of grievances against Zeta Psi, is not the focus of the report. The incident must be directly addressed, but so must the underlying misogyny that it represents.

Feminism has indeed come a long way, but shrugging off insults has never done anything and it never will. Believe me, there are many insults we receive that do not make national news. But this one did. And we will pursue its after-effects until the end.

Valerie Steinberg

Feb. 13

The writer is a junior in Berkeley College. She is the public relations coordinator of the Women’s Center.