New Haven Police Department Detective Clarence Willoughby, who was arrested by state officers on corruption charges Feb. 6, was charged internally by the NHPD on Wednesday, according to a city press release.

Willoughby was charged with stealing from the detective department’s informant fund, which is used to pay individuals who help out NHPD detectives with investigations.

Last week, Willoughby was charged with four counts of larceny in the second degree, four counts of forgery in the second degree and two counts of false statement in the second degree. He now has to appear in front of the Board of Police Commissioners on Feb. 21 to answer to seven charges being brought up against him by the NHPD.

The seven charges largely mirror those of his official state charges, but they also accuse Willoughby of discrediting the values of the NHPD and “engaging in any act that would constitute conduct unbecoming an officer.” His charges stem from alleged violations of internal police department rules.

According to the release, NHPD Chief Francisco Ortiz will call for Willoughby’s termination at the hearing.

“We have over 400 honorable and dedicated members of this department that do great work on our streets each and every day,” said Ortiz, according to the release. “It’s important that our residents understand that we won’t tolerate this type of conduct and that we will weed out individuals who do not meet the ethics and standards of this department.”

The investigation was conducted by the NHPD’s Internal Affairs Department, formally the Internal Ethics and Values Department. The investigation was led by Captain Joann Peterson.