To the Editor:

In response to Nicolas Niarchos’ article: “At Quinnipiac, students unmoved by election” (2/6):

My name is Dan Bateson. I’m a political science student at Quinnipiac; and was offended, yet again, by the News when I read its most recent QU-bashing article. Does the staff really have nothing better to do than observe how Quinnipiac students were seemingly unaffected by the election?

I, for one, did pay close attention to the primary coverage from my dorm-room, as did many other students on campus. The article failed to mention the 75 percent of students who reside out-of-state, such as myself (N.H.), who have either already voted, or have obtained absentee ballots from their home states and mailed in their votes. After reading this article, I, once again, felt disrespected by the News, a newspaper which has made a name for itself at QU for continuously bashing the students who reside there.

On another note, what gives the staff at the News the right to criticize the students who choose to go clubbing Thursday-Saturday? If that’s how they like to blow off steam at the end of the week, that’s their decision. The staff should take the time to come by campus on a weekday, or during finals week and write a story about the strict study habits of the students in the Health Services program or of those on the Pre-Law track. That, I feel, would be a more accurate and equal portrayal of the student body. I really don’t see the intrigue of the “Slut Busses,” which Yale would also have if the clubs weren’t within walking distance from the campus.

I am proud to be a student here at Quinnipiac University, where the students know how to work hard and buckle down when the time comes. We also know how to have fun, which has been explained all too well by the staff there at the News.

Above all, I am proud to be a member of a community where outsiders are not disrespected or jested, and where the diversity of ethnicity, ideas, hobbies and interests is promoted and not criticized.

Daniel Bateson

Feb. 7

The writer is an undergraduate at Quinnipiac University in Hamden, Conn.