New Haven Police Department Detective Clarence Willoughby was arrested yesterday for his role in misappropriating police funds and forging both public and police documents, NHPD Chief Francisco Ortiz announced at a press conference on Wednesday.

Willoughby, a 24-year veteran of the NHPD, was charged with four counts of larceny in the second degree, four counts of forgery in the second degree and two counts of false statement in the second degree.

“It’s important that our residents understand that we won’t tolerate this type of conduct and that we will weed out individuals who do not meet the ethics and standards of this department,” Ortiz said.

According to a city-issued press release, an investigation of Willoughby began when Ortiz ordered an internal audit of “case preparation expenditure funds” because of suspicions that Willoughby was allegedly pocketing money from the detective department’s informant fund. The NHPD froze the fund for the duration of the investigation by the NHPD’s Internal Affairs Department.

Four NHPD officers have been implicated on corruption charges in the last year. The other three of the officers were dismissed from the force after an FBI probe into the NHPD’s former narcotics enforcement unit last spring.

Willoughby’s charges are not related to the other three cases, Ortiz told WTNH in December.