The plea hearing originally scheduled for today for Casper Desfeux ’10 — who was charged with voyeurism and the dissemination of voyeurism last September — has been postponed to a later date.

The move marks the second time Desfeux’s hearing has been delayed since October, when the Davenport College sophomore applied for accelerated rehabilitation, a special type of probation granted to first-time offenders of minor crimes. Desfeux’s lawyer, William Dow III ’63, said the hearing was delayed so the prosecution could have more time to examine evidence it obtained from Desfeux.

In October, Supervisory State’s Attorney David Strollo, who represents the prosecution in the case, asked that the hearing be delayed so that “certain items received from Desfeux” could be sent to a state forensic laboratory for examination.

Desfeux was charged with voyeurism and dissemination of voyeurism after he allegedly filmed himself and a female acquaintance having sex on his Apple MacBook and then showed the video to four of his roommates. Voyeurism and dissemination of voyeurism are both Class D felonies.

According to the affidavit, the video was allegedly filmed in April 2007. The affidavit states that the video was 45 minutes long and seven to eight gigabytes in size.

If Desfeux is granted accelerated rehabilitation, he could have his charges dropped as long as he completes a probationary period of up to two years. If he committed a crime during his probation, the original voyeurism charges would be reinstated.