One hundred and thirty-six soiled and battered wooded cases containing the greater part of the collections made by the Yale Peruvian Expedition of 1912 were unloaded yesterday morning and carried into the basement of Welch Hall. Here they will be stored until arrangements can be made at the Peabody Museum and elsewhere for unpacking and studying the immense amount of ethnological and geological material they contain.

The bulk of the treasure is the plunder of the ancient graves on the slopes of the Andes, visited by the expedition.

It was said at the Peabody Museum that it would be extremely difficult to find permanent storage space for all this material and probably impossible to arrange it where it can all be seen at one time.

The series of oil paintings of scenes in the Cuzco Valley, by Mrs. H. E. Gregory, were brought in as personal effects. There, it is hoped, may be placed on exhibition.

The members of the expedition are especially glad to receive this shipment as at one time it was feared that the boxes were on the United Fruit Co’s. vessel “Turrialba.” It was reported when she was ashore on the Jersey coast that much of her cargo had to be jettisoned in order to save the ship. The shipment came on a later boar of the same line, however.