The brothers of Zeta Psi Fraternity and all those affiliated with the organization wish to address and revoke the recent statements made by a faction of our members. We accept full responsibility in regard to the offensive comments made in a recently circulated photograph via the Internet. In no way do the statements made reflect the sentiments of the Zeta Psi Fraternity of North America, the Eta Chapter at Yale, or its members.

All of the individuals involved wish to issue a formal apology to the female community, those directly or indirectly affected, as well as the Yale University community at large. We realize that the photographed actions were inappropriate, and we send our regards to any and all offended parties. The intentions of everyone involved were not to harm anyone socially or psychologically; rather, it was a lapse in the judgement of the group as a public organization. We accept responsibility for these events, and have since recognized the severity of our actions.

Every single member would like to stress our utmost respect for the female student body. Our words depicted in the photograph were disrespectful and, even in jest, they have had an unintended negative and hurtful effect on our fellow students. For this we are deeply sorry, and would ask our peers and our community to accept our heartfelt apology. In the future, behavior of this nature will neither be enacted nor tolerated, and we only hope that our peers can forgive the mistakes made in this situation. The officers of the fraternity are open and willing to meet with the leaders of the Yale Women’s Center to discuss this issue further and address solutions to this kind of irresponsible behavior.

Jon Charest is the Chapter President of the Eta Chapter of the Zeta Psi Fraternity of North America.