LITR 300 Introduction to the Theory of Literature

Everyone we know is in this class. If you’re not in this class, we don’t know you.

HSAR 328 Twentieth-Century Art

Unless you’re in this class. We know you, too.

MATH 108 Estimation and Error: Sizing Things Up

“The first main topic of the course is approximate arithmetic” — the only kind of math we do! A calculator is “recommended.”

MUSI 488 Myths About Mozart

This will be like Star, plus pianos.

ENGL 441 Walt Whitman

According to some people we talked to, professor Michael Warner is the guy who INVENTED THE TERM “HETERONORMATIVITY.” Wow!

AKKD 101 Elementary Akkadian

Is this a language?

ANTH 327 Socialisms & Postsocialisms

Concurrent enrollment in LING 100: World Englishes recommended.

CSDC 350 Family in Jewish Tradition

Taught by Dr. Ruth, who sets aside 15 minutes of each class for discussion of sex. We like sex! And Jews! And sex with Jews! Awesome.

EP&E 436 Ethics of Humanitarian Intervention

Recently, a freshman standing behind us characterized the EP&E major as “badass.” This is probably the kind of seminar he will take when he is older. And wiser.

BENG 464 Tissue Engineering

Like gift wrap!

FILM 335 Bodily Performance in American Film

This almost sounds like something we would take.

ENGL 452 Intermediate Fiction Writing

An hour and fifty minutes each week with the whimsical and attractive Jonathan “Safran” Foer. Everything is illuminated … in your pants.

PHYS 465 General Relativity: Theory and Experiment

If we took this class, we would come in every day with an honest sense of wonder at the majesty of the universe. Maybe we would weep.