MANCHESTER, N.H., 9:00 p.m. — The scene from the rally:

We’re inside a hangar-type building that is actually a large sports facility, called the Executive Health and Sports Center, that looks as though it can be retrofitted for a number of indoor sports. Tonight, though, it is the setting of what could be a task on The Apprentice. The task: Assemble a makeshift set for the Democratic National Convention in 24 hours. That’s basically what the Clinton camp did.

We’ve got all the trappings here. Behind the stage, suspended from near the ceiling, is an American flag even larger than the Yale flag that is hung in Commons ever year. Hanging behind the right of the stage is a massive video screen; to the left is another massive American flag. Blue curtains are draped across the room as a backdrop. And, of course, Hillary banners are everywhere.

This building is easily large enough to house a full-length football field, and it is packed with Hillary supporters. I can’t estimate the crowd from this vantage point — chairs are rare in the press area, and I’ve snatched one, so I don’t dare get up — but we’re talking thousands, easily.

A band is playing now, and the Clintons, presumably, have not arrived. This is also easily the most press we have seen at any rally thus far.

Hillary might not be able to attract votes, but she sure can attract a crowd

Thomas Kaplan