MANCHESTER, N.H., 8:42 p.m. — Senator Hillary Clinton LAW ’73 may be down, but she is not out. Tonight, she and former President Bill Clinton LAW ’73 will appear at a massive rally to make one last case to New Hampshire voters, and we will be posting live from the rally.

A full half hour before the rally is supposed to begin, when we pulled off the highway, traffic was already backed up a mile here in Manchester. Think of the traffic heading to the Yale Bowl before The Game.

Why this might be a bad idea: the rally is being held at a facility right next to the Manchester airport. When we got to the actual site of the rally, a cop was asking each car, “Airport or Hillary?” About a third seemed to be heading to the airport. And all of them, if they are just dropping off a friend or family member and will be here to vote tomorrow, have one new reason not to vote for Hillary Clinton — the 30 minutes, hour, etc. they spent in traffic tonight because of her.

— Thomas Kaplan