ANKENY, Iowa, 2:16 a.m. – After our whirlwhind tour of the state of Iowa, seeing three candidates, getting lost in Des Moines for a few hours and blasting Bright College Years on the Iowa highway, we have finally settled for the night at a friend’s house outside of Iowa. We are staying with Brendan Fitzpatrick ’10, who lives in a suburb of Des Moines.

Talking to Brendan who, with his parents, will be participating in the Democratic caucus tomorrow, we realize just how exciting the caucus is for residents of Iowa, especially for the many that will be caucusing for the first time. So we will join Brenden in his precinct, observe and report back tomorrow.

Many of Brendan’s friends — college students — will also caucus tomorrow. But just how will youth vote, in general, play a role in the upcoming election? And more pressingly, how will the youth in Iowa, caucusing for the first time, help choose the next president of the United States?

For now, we can only wait and see.

-Ryan Galisewski