We — the people who brought last year’s Girl Talk/Harlem Shakes show — want to see a large-scale, accessible, art-oriented happening offered to undergraduates. These objectives distinguish our event from those provided recently; while there are art events on this campus, most are too inaccessible to the general student population. And more importantly, they don’t involve enough dancing.

“Off the Walls” will feature three performances in the Stiles dining hall. The first will be an boundary-pushing, interactive show by the Control Group, Yale’s experimental theatre company. The second performance — the inspiration for the event — will be a video and music extravaganza called Ultimate Reality — a psychedelic montage of Arnold Schwarzenegger films projected at a monumental scale behind DJ Dan Deacon and two live drummers. Finally, Deacon — a DJ so quirky he’s practically a comedian, a classic showman — will play dance music like you’ve never heard before. (“His sole mission is party starting, and at this he’s an absolute wizard,” says Rolling Stone.) During the entire event, students will take and mount Polaroid photos, creating a living gallery of our pictures that will evolve as the night progresses.

Unlike the other events, “Off the Walls” is not part of a larger agenda; it’s a unique opportunity for diverse students to come together around music and art that’s new, stimulating and above all, entertaining. No matter what your taste in matters cultural, there will be ways for you to join in and things for you to see. Our event alone offers a combination of student participation and outside entertainment (Ultimate Reality has been at Anthology Film Archives and D.C.’s Corcoran Gallery of Art; Deacon performs everywhere, from warehouses to the Whitney Museum) that will engage your mind and body at no cost to your wallet.

We want to explode the definition of art, to bring art out of the cold and humorless gallery atmosphere, to provide Yale the opportunity to participate in a truly exciting artistic experience. But really: We want you to have fun.

Julia Galeota is a junior in Branford College. She is the event leader of “Off the Walls.”