The city has temporarily made available interim parking spots at the site of the former New Haven Coliseum, according to a press release from the City of New Haven Office of Public Information.

As the result of initial preparation for the construction of a new 31-story building on the site of the former Shartenberg Department store that began Saturday, the city has redirected parking from the corner of State and Chapel streets to the interim parking lot. The lot will provide 435 spots for downtown visitors and employees.

The parking spaces will be used by rail-service commuters and people who work in New Haven, as well as people from the surrounding area who come to New Haven to visit restaurants or tourist sites, Mayor John DeStefano Jr. said in the press release.

“This new interim parking lot and preparations for the first steps in the Becker and Becker development represent the steady growth of our downtown and the foundation for great things to come,” DeStefano said.

The city is currently entertaining proposals for developing the Coliseum site.

ProPark, an independent company, will operate the interim parking lots.

-Lacey Gonzales