To the Editor:

I appreciate Frederick Mocatta’s attention to the prices at the new Bass Library cafe. (“Why Are All the Rich Kids Sitting Together in the Cafe?” 11/29) While I agree with Mocatta that the $7 sandwiches and salads and $2.75 hot chocolate are steep enough to skew the cafe’s customers according to class, I see a different solution to the problem.

Mocatta’s comparison of the cafe to other existing establishments around campus misses the point: The food served at Bass is not cynically designed to “cater to the trendy ‘sustainable’ crowd,” but is part of a positive movement on campus towards healthier eating and sustainable agriculture. The solution, therefore, is not to reduce the quality of Bass’ food to match the greasier options available at A One and Yorkside. It is to call on the Yale administration to set aside part of its substantial endowment to subsidize the Bass prices so that every student can feel comfortable enjoying a wonderful new facility.

Alexandra Schwartz

Nov. 29

Schwartz is a junior in Saybrook College. She is a staff columnist for the News.