To the Editor:

Little did I realize the fire storm that would occur when I answered a reporter for the Independent within a few minutes of being elected to the New Haven Board of Aldermen on Nov. 6, and again later, when talking to Aaron Bray of the News, as to how I would stand in the event that the presidency of the board be contested in this coming legislative session.

I could have benefited from Nick Shalek’s ’05 wise council to exercise caution before expressing an opinion so early, as expressed in the story “New alderman prepares to shake up board” (11/15) about my election.

It is important to note, however, that I was elected with a clear mandate to be a dissenting voice to politics as usual on the board. Both my margin of victory — 56-44 percent over six-year incumbent Democrat Ed Mattison — together with the platform that I ran on — to bring democracy to one-party, strong-mayor rule in New Haven — dictate my being a voice for change.

Allan Brison

Nov. 19

Brison, a member of the Green Party, is the alderman-elect in Ward 10.