To the Editor:

I am shocked and appalled at your lack of coverage concerning the recent fundraising efforts of Republican candidate Dr. Ron Paul. By the time of this letter’s publication, it will have been three days since the record-shattering third-party efforts of Ron Paul supporters, which resulted in raising approximately $4.2 million online in a single day.

Even Rolling Stone magazine published a piece on Dr. Paul’s success within hours of its occurrence.

Does the News understand the significance of this huge sum of money? The previous record for online fundraising in a single day was John Kerry’s $2.7 million, and this took place two days after Kerry’s huge wins on Super Tuesday. He was the presumptive candidate for the Democratic Party.

And although Dr. Paul fell short of Hillary’s single-day record, he did break the Republican record for the 2008 campaign, easily topping former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney’s $3.1 million.

Even more astonishing is the average donation size: $103. These weren’t checks cut from huge special interest groups like one might find on Hillary’s list; these donations are from hardworking Americans who realized that it’s far better to donate $103 to Dr. Paul now than to pay thousands in taxes later.

Alexander Gregath

Nov. 7

Gregath is a sophomore in Ezra Stiles College.