To the Editor:

For the dean of a College to telephone the police to forcibly disperse a party in his own College — whether or not, as in this case the party was sanctioned by a College Council — smacks of cowardice, laziness and an abject lack of authority and respect.

Surely a dean should stand for his or her students’ welfare, both in academic terms and, to a lesser extent, in loco parentis: to advise, to encourage and to warn, but ultimately to be his or her students’ champion? As such, a more effective way to change students’ habits would be to go out to speak to them about their behavior rather than resorting to the overbearing arm of the law. Rather than an ephemeral, albeit sincere, e-mail apology, reimbursement of fines levied and a sponsored party at which it is demonstrated how alcohol can be consumed in a civilized manner would go a long way to restore trust and demonstrate character.

Perhaps, too, police resources would have been better spent catching criminals, rather than 20-year-old adults enjoying a Saturday evening.

F.E.E. Mocatta

Nov. 4

Mocatta is a sophomore in Branford College.