Shortly before 2 a.m. Monday, about a dozen New Haven Police Department officers and emergency workers were gathered around a man lying on the ground in front of the locked Broadway gate of Ezra Stiles College.

Police officers at the scene declined to comment because they said the incident was still under investigation.

Several bystanders said the man may have been Tasered, but one woman at the scene said she thinks he was just ill.

The man walked out of A-One Pizza on Broadway with his girlfriend, three witnesses in the pizzeria said. A woman who said she is friends with the man and his girlfriend said the two were play-fighting in front of A-One when at least one police officer approached the pair and started talking to the man.

The man started to walk north on Broadway, and the police officer or officers followed him, telling him to stop moving, she said. She said the man started running, but she did not see what happened after he ran away. She said she was told by others he was Tasered.

About 25 minutes later, after the man started to rise, police officers helped him walk into a prison conveyance van. The woman said he was arrested for domestic violence.

The suspect’s girlfriend said she was not physically harmed. She repeatedly approached officers to protest the charges.

“He was honestly just playing with me,” the girlfriend said after the event. “I’m not harmed at all.”

Across the street, a 20-year-old woman was arrested by Yale Police Department officers. YPD officers searched through her red Mercury Milan, searching for unspecified objects. The officers declined to comment on the specifics of the arrest, and one officer said the two incidents may have been related.